Twiza 2019

University of Virginia and Higher Normal School at Laghouat Partnership-Algeria

ENWR 2520 is a required course, the second part of a two-course university requirement. As such, the course is designed to provide you with further practice in the general practices of academic writing required by UVA. During the course of this semester, you will be provided with opportunities to conduct, write, and revise academic writing. This writing will be premised on your reading the type of writing typically assigned in the academy, analyzing its arguments, and develop a response (conversation) with the issues raised. Such work will strengthen your abilities to theorize and respond to complex theoretical, cultural, and political works.

The hope is that such work will allow you to see how the rigor of academic work can be aligned with the public work of supporting/expanding human rights in our local environment and within a global context (University of Algeria/Higher Normal School at Laghouat- Algeria, 2019).


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