Man seated and reading during Algerian protest

Mohand Chibane

 I wonder sometimes whether we are strangers in our country. Why all this contempt and discrimination among the population.

So, discrimination in Algeria I think is not caused by what happens outside of us. It is caused by seeing things wrongly, what is said to from one to another, commonly referred to as self-talk, and also thoughts or beliefs. When one talks his or herself into becoming anxious, annoyed or angry, because We don’t know something or lack understanding about something or someone else, or we scared. Quickly, it leads one into a mind-set of discrimination or prejudice.

Continue reading Mohand’s conversation in Section Three of Equality and Justice: An Engaged Generation, A Troubled World.

Carolyn Morgan

We need more youth and government programs that teach students how to shape and form their opinion on a subject and do the research to defend their position. We need students to study abroad. Such experiences open up more opportunities for students to grow socially and expand their knowledge base andto become more comfortable and confident navigating throughsociety.

In simple terms, students who attend good schools that focus on preparing students intellectually and socially for the most part aren’t attending schools in underserved inner-city communities. The scales are unbalanced. Students of color suffer becausetheir opportunities are limited. One shouldn’t be sacrificed forthe other. Unfortunately, that isn’t the reality for these students.

Continue reading Carolyn’s conversation in Section One of Equality and Justice: An Engaged Generation, A Troubled World.

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