Women holding candles at vigil to show solidarity after Charlottesville incident

Najwa Blossom

As human beings, people in global communities merit to be respected, and treated equally without prejudice nor discrimination in terms of skin color, race, gender or religion. Earning such vital rights, I believe, does lead to civilians accomplishing their duties with both excellence and pleasure, leading in turn to a flourishing society. All in all, I think the basis for strong civic societies interconnects with human rights and duties. It is more or less an interactive and complementary relationship.

Continue reading Najwa’s conversation in Section Two of Equality and Justice: An Engaged Generation, A Troubled World.

Jonathan Brown

I said all that to say that activism is more than marching, shouting, and tweeting. It is more than picking sides. It is about acting to solve real-life problems. The life of Nipsey Hussle is aboutgrowth and trying to influence real change in the places whereit is needed the most. Pondering Nipsey’s story, and listening to Tupac’s unimpeded passion, I feel reinvigorated, reenergized, and less cloistered. I have always wanted to and tried to give back to my community, but now I will do so by tenfold. I will be less reserved, I will speak the facts and the truth much louder, and I will put myself in harm’s way to help those who need it the most. From their example I will grow more courageous. In an interview I saw, Nipsey said that the highest power is to inspire others. So, yes. Anyone can be an activist.

Continue reading Jonathan’s conversation in Section Three of Equality and Justice: An Engaged Generation, A Troubled World.

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