Civic Society

Image of man looking at books during Algerian protest

CHS Community Religious Talk

Students and faculty of Charlottesville High School discuss the importance of accepting and celebrating all religious beliefs.

Video Contributors: Aiman, Khamila, Khong Sue, Hel, Sarah, Elana. Mr. Deegan, Mr. Becker, Ms. Vasquez, and Ms. Menfi

Video Creators: Hamada, Marya Reham, Kobra, and Batta

Charlottesville High School,

Sam Owens

I think the basis for civil society should be that it is inclusive. There must be spaces for all within civil society in order for it to be a well-functioning space. I think it’s important that people have open dialogue that crosses boundaries of gender, race, sexuality, and ethnicity.

Continue reading Sam’s conversation in Section Two of Equality and Justice: An Engaged Generation, A Troubled World.

Aissa Seddikki

First of all, all that I am going to say is only valid to be applied on Arabic societies, for I have never had an experience out of the Arabic context.

“Make your dog hungry, it follows you.”

For successfully analyzing this statement said by one of the biggest and most influential politicians in Algeria, we have to honestly and courageously raise a number of questions such as: Are we really enjoying a free will to express our collective interests? Here, of course, I mean clearly whether these on-going demonstrations in Algeria are truly run by the pure will of the people or it is a game being played again and again by other players that want to add their decoration to the current scene.

Continue reading Aissa’s conversation in Section Two of Equality and Justice: An Engaged Generation, A Troubled World.


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